Bubblegum cupcakes. For the young at heart, but not the faint of heart.

I was hired by a colleague to make a special treat for some students and their parents tomorrow, and thought…what better opportunity to try out my bubblegum flavoring from LorAnn Oils!


Now, I can’t take all the credit here for creativity. I, like I am sure most of you are, am a complete Pinterest addict…most namely the Food & Drink category. As a Weight Watcher, it is complete and utter torture most of the time, but I just can’t help myself.


No fancy recipes here folks, just a Betty Crocker Rainbow Bit mix with some Wilton sky blue color gel, a basic buttercream recipe with LorAnn bubblegum flavoring (instead of vanilla) and Wilton pink color gel, topped with a gumball. Oh! AND….piped with my new HUGE Wilton round tip! Candy AND toys!!